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    Spequo is a creative studio focused on the expressive possibilities of mirrors. Our name is inspired by the Italian words for mirror and water. We are currently based in Madrid, Spain. Specchio + Aqua = SPEQUO


    The canvas mirrors are an hybrid between mirror and painting. The reflecting artwork questions the blurring boundaries between art and design, mixing a functional everyday object with the passion of expressionists painters like Jackson Pollock and the popular icons of Andy Warhol. 


    The project reflects on the role of art throughout history with Humanity’s ancient desire to imitate and reproduce reality, creating an artwork that reflects like a mirror at the same time.

    However, the canvas mirrors as physical objects are always unfinished, since they need the interaction with the spectator, who completes the final artwork. The fourth wall is broken. Painting and spectator, reality and fiction: they all coexist on the same level.

    Just like avant-garde artist Marcel Duchamp said “it is the spectator who makes the picture”.


    Each artwork is personally created by Spequo’s team. The designs are later transferred into an acrylic glass/wood canvas using a self-developed mixed media technique.


    Regular size: 45x30cm (18x12 in). Words collection: 45 x15cm (18x6in).

    XL Size: 90x60cm (36x24in). Words collection: 90x30cm (36x12in).


    We don't have stock. Each canvas-mirror is exclusively handcrafted on demand. The procedure takes 7-10 business days before shipping.  Except at times of peak demand, it shouldn’t take more than 15-30 calendar days to receive the artwork since the moment you order it.


    Estimated shipping costs of 1 canvas-mirror:

    • Spain and Portugal:    10 €
    • Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, etc):  15-20€
    • Rest of the world (USA, China, Emirates, South Africa...):   35-50€

    Shipments outside the EU are subject to customs availability and their own local policies.

    For more information please check the Shipping section.


    Wholesale is welcome! 


    We can do customized canvas-mirrors. Please check our Custom section


    The canvas-mirror have a wood frame on it’s back, exactly the same used in common canvas. Therefore, the hanging system is the same of a common canvas.


    Simply use clean cold water, mild soap and a damp cloth to wipe the surface using light pressure.

    Avoid window cleaning sprays and any other chemicals. The use of any solvent or chemical is neither necessary nor recommended, and may cause irreversible surface damage.


    The canvas-mirrors are 17 times stronger than a common glass mirror.


    INDOOR use only. Spequo is not responsible for outdoor misuse.


    Check our refund policies


    All taxes are included in the prices showed in the web, both canvas-mirror and shipping costs. 

    There shouldn't be more charges than the ones showed at spequo.com. However, each country has its own internal policies regarding to customs duties and sometimes they may generate additional charges, delays or other complications.  We don't take responsability for any customs problem occured outside the EU.
    Paypal and the credit cards that appear in the footer of the website.